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About the Founder & Director of Creative Corner

Rachel Aloycius is a successful Entrepreneur, Visual Artist, Certified teacher, Fine Art – Artist and Founder of Creative Corner. She has done her Masters in MBA, M.Phil., M.Com and several certifications & diplomas in Computer applications from coding to multimedia designing.

Rachel Aloycius is passionate about education field, learning new concepts and information. She executes her learning and applies them to life, adapting to the latest trends. She has worked in her family business “Advertising industry” since her High school and still continues to support her family business. She started her Art school in California Bay Area in one of the popular Burlingame school district in the year 2006 across 6 location and successfully established her business as Creative Corner LLC in the 2012. She persuaded her education in Early Childhood Education out of her love towards educating little children and to understand their world, in-order to motivate and inspire them from their perspective.

Rachel Aloycius is a ECE certified teacher, understanding the child-development, children psychology, Rachel created an extraordinary curriculum and program designed for young learners and children with special and individual needs.  As a successful program director she has provided kids and adults a platform to learn, explore and express themselves via art through her Art school Creative Corner. Creative Corner program has been very popular and received great recognition from the Burlingame and San Mateo county schools and community.

Rachel Aloycius is a Visual artist for more than 20yrs and has exhibited her Art works in prestigious Art Galleries in San Francisco – Bay Area. She has donated her Art works and supported non-profit organization raising money. She encourages her students and display students work in her Gallery shows.

Rachel Aloycius an innovative thinker and creative problem solver. As a leader she love to listen to people, understand their needs and find solutions to their problems. 

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